After a hip replacement and suffering from colitis which resulted in daily prednisone, Maree knew she has nothing to lose. Maree contacted FITNESS TRAINERS 2 U and compmleted a 12 WEEK CHALLENGE. Maree was extremely nervous as she couldn’t even put on her shoes without much trouble. She was very comforted by the fact that our trainers are specialists in rehabilitation. After 12 week Maree lost 15 Kilos, came off the daily prednisone and can now put on her shoes with ease, not to mention be able to squat until the cows come home. Maree followed a personalised eating plan designed for her and now has next to no symptoms of colitis. Maree is now signed up to another 12 weeks to take her training to the next level.



After a marriage breakdown Mark lost all motivation to exercise. He began drinking daily and ate food that was convenient. At 52 and after a light bulb moment when Mark didn’t recognize himself in a Christmas photo with family, he decided enough was enough and enlised the help of Ash who too him through a mix of strength training and cardio. Mark starting beach walking on the days he had time and followed a personalized progressive nutritional plan designed by our in house nutritionist. Mark lost 25 Kilos, dramatically improved his health and fitness and gained a new lease on life. Well done Mark you are awesome!!!