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Welcome to Fitness Trainers 2 U Gold Coast. We are a results based highly professional mobile personal training service. All our trainers are highly qualified and highly experienced fitness professionals. We take the assertive educational approach to ensure our clients feel comfortable rather than intimidated like the trainers you will find in busy impersonal gyms. We cater for any age, any fitness level and any size. You are never too unfit, too overweight or too busy to start.


TRAIN WHEN ARE WHERE YOU WANT – Our Gold Coast mobile personal trainers come to you. Whether its in the privacy of your own home, backyard or a stunning outdoor location of your choice, our fitness trainers will meet you there, on time for each and every session guaranteed.

VALUE – No lock in contracts, no expensive gym memberships, you will only pay for the personal training sessions you do. We also offer the option to train with a friend or family member and share the cost.

OUR CLIENTS RESULTS – Over the years we have watched as many of our clients have lost fat, gained strength and mobility, increased muscle mass, rehabilitated from injury, increased fitness and energy levels, gained greater health and a new found confidence.

FOR BUSY PEOPLE – We undertand it takes time out of your busy schedule to travel to and from gyms. Having a personal trainer come to you will create more spare time for you to spend with your family, organise yourself for your busy day whilst getting fit and healthy in the process.

YOUR A PERSON NOT JUST A NUMBER – When signing up to a gym you will be given a generic program and become a number. Our Mobile Personal Training Sessions are private and personalised with a highly qualified and professional personal trainer whose number one focus is to ensure you reach your goals.

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You are just a few clicks away from beginning your journey to a stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier you. Don’t miss out on our special introductory offer. Check out our success stories to see for yourself what you can achieve with the help of our expert personal trainers. We look forward to working with you.


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